Danta Brahmin Samaj

This web site is our first technical effort to adjoin the members of Audumber Brahmins Community. In order to bring the each person of our society nearer, for the welfare and the development of our society. This web site is for prudence devotion and foresight that Audumber inherit. They cannot afford to sail on old Oars. A scientific and progressive outlook, for fellow Audumber- this and much more is the requirement of the day. We are making only a small beginning. It provides a platform to provide news and upcoming event details of the society. It also is a motive to unite our society and share their life events i.e. marriage events, child birth etc.

To convey fast information to the members of “Abhyantar Audumber Brahmins Samaj” We have made the web site most convenient, so any person can use it.

Request to all the members of our society to kindly make the awareness of the site among our society members.

To keep the website update, it is humble request kindly give your feedback.

Theme of our society is “ONE TEAM ONE DREAM“.